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Steven M. Wilson Concrete, a leader in custom concrete and design offers some helpful hints for homeowners in Sacramento to consider. When choosing a stamped concrete patio in your outdoor landscape. A stamped concrete patio provides many benefits and a plethora of choices in colors and styles. This material if very low maintenance and its durability cannot be beat. Couple those features with a lower price tag than wood or composite decking and you get the best value for your dollar. It is no wonder that so many homeowners in Sacramento are opting for stamped concrete patios over decks today.
Selecting your stamped concrete patio may be the most complicated part of the process. There are numerous colors and patterns available, and the size and design are completely unlimited. It helps to Steven M Wilson Concrete with a basic plan in mind that includes the size and the shape of the patio you are considering. This will help us get a basic idea of the amount of labor and materials you are looking at so he can give you a base quote on your project. You will then be ready to move on to choosing the details of your stamped concrete patio that will create a unique feature in your yard.

Choosing Color

The color of your stamped concrete patio will make a big difference in the overall look of the project. If you are placing your patio in a sunny spot, a lighter color will reflect light and stay cooler during the warmer months. If your patio will primarily be in the shade, you may want to consider a lighter color that can brighten up the area. To choose the right shade, take some time to examine your outdoor space and the colors that you currently see. You can pull a tint out of the exterior of your home, your fencing or your landscape rock. In addition to the base color, there will be integral shades added to give dimension and texture to your concrete. Let our years of experience provide helpful guidance for years of enjoyment.

Choosing Pattern

We offer a broad range of styles from the more formal look of brick or tile to the natural look of stone textures and patterns. Let us help guide you through the process. Homeowners who like a traditional style may be drawn to the look of brick, stone or wood planks while those with contemporary tastes may prefer the sleek appearance of slate or tile for their design. The choices are many let us help you to decide.

Choosing a Border

In some cases, a border may be appropriate for your stamped concrete patio. Borders can provide a finishing touch and a clear boundary for your landscaping. While a border may cost a bit more, the aesthetic quality of a decorative edging will be well worth the money schweizer-apotheke.de. Try a brick edging around a stone stamped patio, or use a different color entirely for added dimension.
stamped concrete patio is a lovely addition to your outdoor living space. With so many choices in designs and colors, you can create a truly unique addition to the exterior of your home.