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We have recently seen an upswing in interest of homeowners in Roseville, CA in replacing their driveways. Most live in well established neighborhoods around Old Auburn and over in Grosvenor Downs, in Granite Bay. Most of these homes have old concrete driveways that have long since cracked. A Roseville stamped concrete driveway addition to your home adds dramatic curb appeal without the downtime of many home remodeling projects.

Here’s what you can expect when you decide to have your Roseville stamped concrete driveway installed:

  • After choosing you contractor, you’ll sign a contract.
  • Schedule a day for the removal of your existing concrete driveway.
  • The area will be graded
  • Drainage can be installed if required.
  • Crushed rock will be added and tamped to provide a solid base.
  • Forms will be installed
  • And concrete will be poured, usually the next day.
  • Stamped concrete driveways will cure for a day or two before the
    concrete dust on color is hosed off.
  • Your new stamped concrete driveway will cure for a month
    before the sealant is applied.

You can expect to not use your concrete driveway for a day once the sealer is applied.

A word of caution: Roseville stamped concrete driveways should not be used during the curing process of the stamped concrete. Concrete cures most rapidly during the first seven days and will continue to cure for an additional 21 days. This doesn’t mean you would not be able to walk on your concrete within 24 hours apotheke-zag.de. But we strongly advise you refrain from parking your vehicles on your newly installed Roseville stamped concrete driveway for 30 days.